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We have lost over 16st in weight and have an excellent track record of helping people achieve similar success. We focus on Eating better, Moving more and Living your life just that little bit differently. We have a number of weekly groups you can attend in East Lancashire. We can also offer support on a one to one basis, please contact us to check our availability.

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Our Skills

We can help you to change your current lifestyle in a number of ways. We have ranked our ability based on a combination of evaluation, feedback and outcomes.

Motivation and Inspiration 95%
Goal Setting 90%
Personal Mentoring 95%
Group Leadership 90%

What is Be Strong?

Be Strong is weekly lifestyle transformation support group, devised by Rick Wilson and Rachel Wilcock, where we will help you to change your life for the better, forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions so we created this section to help you get the answers you need in an instant.

Groups and Costs

We try our best to keep our costs as low as possible so we can offer you the best possible prices. Our groups can be accessed for as little as £2.82 per week.


Put the fun back into fitness with our equipment-free workouts for all levels. These illustrated guides are designed to help make your workouts effective and easy to follow.


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  • What is Be Strong?

    Be Strong is weekly lifestyle transformation support group, devised by Rick Wilson and Rachel Wilcock, where we will help you to change your life for the better, forever!

    At the weekly group meeting you can be weighed, take part in a group discussion and a half hour exercise class. All aspects of the group are optional, not everyone gets weighed.

    Personalised Eating Plan for Every Member

    We work out your eating plan based on your age, activity levels, height, gender and current weight. Our eating plan is also adopted by the NHS as the recommended method to lose weight safely and to keep it off forever.


    Weekly weighing has benefits as you will be able to track your ‘official’ weight loss and stepping on to the scales in front of another person can be a significant motivator! We will keep a record each time you choose to weigh with us.


    The weekly discussion group is not what you would ever imagine. We never read out weight losses or gains but we do discuss lots of interesting things. We believe that a strong and positive mind is the key to success – we can help you with that! We also look to undertake some challenges as a group and the level of participation is entirely up to you.


    Our exercises are the fun part of the session! They are all completed on the spot and each exercise is approved by the NHS as being suitable for people who are totally INACTIVE. Be Strong has adapted these exercises to be completed by a large group and most of all there’s lots of fun, smiles and laughter. Everybody gets a great workout!

    Which diets do you endorse?

    We don’t! We like to provide people with individual and unique information to allow them to fuel their body with foods they love eating. Many of our Be Strong members are often asked “You look great - which diet did you do?” They’re all able to reply that they wrote their own!

    Any diet that provides a calorie deficit will work. We could write a ‘diet’ that would see the weight falling off people like never before. Will they put all the weight back on pretty quickly? Yes, of course they will because they will not have learnt anything at all. We focus on making changes which involve learning – we’re very successful at preventing people regaining any weight they lose.

    Small lifestyle changes as opposed to quick wins?

    Every single time! The weight loss "industry" is full of companies that prey on people like Rachel, Rick and you. They know that at our heaviest, or somewhere in between, we would do anything to feel and look better – they target our vulnerability and desperation! I know at our heaviest, even though we pretended we were happy with our weight, we would happily have paid thousands of pounds for a quick fix.

    Fat burning pills, magic shakes and powdered meal replacements cost a small fortune and do not work! You regain any weight you lost in no time at all and then you’re back for more. This is their business model. Massively overcharging for products that cost pennies, targeting the most vulnerable. If they really wanted to help you all they had to do was set up an honest group like ours. You’ve probably gathered that we don’t like the ethos of these companies or how they operate!

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a miracle cure, or a quick fix. Excitingly though, there is a journey you can take, which will require you to be completely open minded about what your mind and body is capable of. It won’t cost you any money to do it, and you will be in control.

  • Our Weight Loss Journey

    Who are we?

    Be Strong founders Rick Wilson and Rachel Wilcock have followed sensible eating plans and adopted lifestyle changes to make significant long term improvements to their overall health and appearance.


    I don't like the term 'diet' but I'm a firm believer that we need to change the way we think about food and activity to achieve long term success. As a busy mum of two young children I know how important motivation and planning is in achieving your goals.

    I have lost 5.5st, kept it off for many years and strongly believe I can help you to achieve success. If, like me, you'd tried everything else what have you got to lose.

    I always struggled with my weight right from being a young teenager. Always very body conscious and ashamed of how I looked. I came from a very active family, but somehow I felt I hadn’t inherited those genes. My dad was a marathon and fell runner for many years, and my mum was always really slim, and my little brother just never sat still. I was the complete opposite. I hated exercise! And I mean hated it!!!

    "I am no longer ashamed of what I look like. I am proud to be me!"

    As I grew older and met my husband and settled down, contentment set in and my weight just increased. I must have gained a dress size a year. I remember getting a lecture off the midwife when I was pregnant with my first child, that I must not use pregnancy as a reason to gain more weight and end up even bigger afterwards. So I really tried during pregnancy to eat healthily, for the baby and so as not to gain weight. But it didn’t help and I was the size of a small family dwelling by the time I was due to give birth... not a neat little bump and minimal weight gain like everyone dreams of.

    So, post baby number 1, I didn’t want my new daughter to grow up and have a negative role model in me. I wanted her to be healthy and most of all be body confident. To do that, I had to change. I had to become that positive role model.

    And that’s what it was for me, that was my ‘lightbulb moment’, I learned abut food and what it gave me, and most of all started moving more.

    My second pregnancy meant I gained lots of weight too, but this time I knew I would lose it, and my journey would continue. So as soon as I could I was moving as much as possible, getting out walking, exercising and ensuring I was eating healthily.

    I am now a different person to the one I was before I had children. I have energy, I am positive, and the best feeling of all, I know I am a good role model for my children. I love exercise and the feeling I get from it, and another bonus, I am no longer ashamed of what I look like. I am proud to be me!

    The Be Strong way changed my life for the better in so many ways. I want you to feel the way I do.


    I have lived almost all of my life as a 'bigger person', topping the scales at 25st. I reached an all time low when one of my closest friends secretly met with my mother to discuss me. He was concerned that I was so unwell, due to my weight and lack of any form of exercise, that I would die prematurely.

    In early 2013, still hugely overweight, I was speaking to a lady who suffered a massive personal tragedy. I agreed to run a 10 km race to raise awareness for her charity.  I had raised the hopes of my family over the years with broken promises of exercise and weight loss. However, this was one lady I could never, ever let down. I have my own reasons for this - "she's just a very special person."

    "I used to look for excuses to eat and drink to excess and avoid any form of exercise, now it's the other way around.."

    I am now over 10st lighter than at my heaviest, have reduced from a 54" waist to 34" and I ran every step of that 10 km road race in Burnley. I've since established a Couch to 5k group which has seen over 3,800 people learn to run for 5km. I've also successfully completed four full marathons.

    I have experienced almost every 'diet' on the market, and had certainly 'got the tshirt' in that respect! There are no quick wins that work in the longer term, it's simply a matter of eating a balanced plate of food, in the correct portion size and ensuring that you fully understand how many calories you need to consume each day to achieve your sensible weight loss goal. If you can combine this with any form of exercise you will see success.

    You could say I've started to live again. My only regret is a cliché, I should have done this 20 years ago! Be Strong can help you to be the person you want to be. Don't wait like I did, 'be strong' and sign up today. I promise you won't regret it.

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  • New Horizons

    A big step in our own commitment to Be Strong took place this week when we both formally applied to be made voluntarily redundant from our full time jobs. There's a redundancy offer on the table at the moment but they don't necessarily have to agree our applications.

    One of the main reasons we find ourselves in this position is the growth the groups have experienced in the first 6 months of 2017. We wanted to find a way to make it cheaper for members to attend Be Strong, but didn't have a way of managing electronic payments or direct debits and even our membership data such as personal information and weight records were on a basic spreadsheet. Electronic communication with our groups was almost non existent and cash flow on our sole 'pay as you go' model was impeded by things entirely out of our control such as weather conditions. In some months we barely covered costs.

    In late 2016 we started to shop around for an 'off the shelf solution' so we could improve in all of these areas. A solution for weight management groups simply did not exist. The nearest we could find was Club Organiser ( which was designed for swimming clubs, but we saw had been amended to incorporate dance clubs, sailing clubs and others. We made a tentative approach and expected either a polite no, or a yes but with an estimate for the revisions that we simply would not have been able to afford.

    This is when we started to receive our first communications from Paul and Caryn Brazier - to say we 'landed lucky' is a massive understatement. It was a very enthusiastic yes from them, and despite our long list of quite complex and time consuming revisions to the existing cloud based software, they agreed to undertake them. We received our first login to the cloud based software on Christmas Eve 2016, and the Club Organiser and Be Strong teams worked right through the holiday period so we had a stable version ready for our anticipated influx of new customers as a result of the various new year resolutions that would undoubtedly have been made.

    We now had the capability to manage our members more effectively, to easily communicate with them, allow them access to their own data, and provide them with access to their personal information and weight loss records in 'real time'. We have electronic attendance sheets on ipads at each group as Club Organiser is fully responsive on any interface including PC, tablet and mobile.

    Most importantly of all it allowed us to take a leap of faith and introduce a new pricing structure which would see costs to members reduce to only £2.82 per week if they signed up to a monthly direct debit. Our income is significantly higher than it was, we have lots and lots of new members and they attend more regularly than they ever did. We now have lots more time on our hands to concentrate on doing what we love, helping people to totally transform their lives rather than being tied up with administration tasks.

    Is Club Organiser complicated? Not at all. Its like anything new, you find your way around it quite quickly and any queries are handled promptly, clearly and effectively by Caryn and Paul.

    Have we been a pain in the butt to them? Most probably! That's only because they seem to match our enthusiasm for getting the most out of their membership management solution so we're always coming up with new ideas and they are left with all the hard work to implement them!

  • We're writing a book!

    When we first started Be Strong in January 2015 we immediately thought that we needed to write a book! Mainly because other groups did, no other reason. We initially decided it must be a recipe book, alongside some 'before and after photos' of us both and a story of our weight loss trials and tribulations before success came our way.

    We soon realised that if we did this we would not be true to ourselves or you! There are lots of recipes out there, in fact the Internet is absolutely full of them - there are also lots of weight loss stories out there, some of them far greater than ours!

    After a year of research, speaking to our members, understanding which tools and resources work and which don't, we believe we've produced something really useful and helpful. Most importantly it doesn't exist already and we are convinced it can help you to achieve success. We have also stayed true to our ethos of everything that we do being focussed on the people we're absolutely passionate about helping.

    The book is now in the design phase and we hope to release some prototypes for consultation with our members before signing it off for a larger print run. Watch this space!
  • To Jump or Not?

    We announced some time ago that we hoped to leave our full time employment to follow our dream of helping people to change their lifestyles, including helping those that may need more support that we can currently offer.

    We are just waiting for our new interactive website to be completed so we can offer you a variety of amazing content. Once this has been tested, we will then make the biggest jump of our lives to work at Be Strong full time. We anticipate this to be in October or November - its all very exciting!

    If you would like to attend a group this week you can just turn up and fill in a quick form once you arrive. It really is as simple as that.

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